Cheap driving lessons in Scunthorpe and Brigg

Revised: May 2023

cheap driving lessons Scunthorpe BriggThe average number of hours of professional instruction required before people become safe, confident drivers and pass their driving test is, according to the DVSA, about 45. Plus nineteen hours private practice between their driving lessons. So sixty-four hours in total. And even then most take two or three attempts to pass their test.[1]

Most of our pupils take a little less than that - about 35 hours on average - and we're pleased to say that most of them pass their driving test first time.

But whether you pass your driving test first time or not, learning to drive isn't cheap.

Forty five hours of driving lessons at the average cost per hour (in 2023) of £35 per hour is £1575.

But it's not just the cost of your driving lessons that you have to budget for. When you add in unavoidable expenses like test fees and study materials, the final bill can easily top £2000.

So it's not surprising that people look for cheap driving lessons when they want to get behind the wheel.

And, yes, you can get some cheap driving lessons in Scunthorpe or Brigg. And elsewhere.


How do you think driving schools that offer really cheap lessons make a profit?

They have to look at running costs the same as schools that charge more, so the obvious way to keep costs down is to spend more time at the side of the road with the engine switched off – and that would result in taking more than the average amount of lessons to get test ready – more lessonsmore costnot so cheap now?

You cannot learn to drive at the side of the road or with the engine switched off. You pay a driving instructor to teach you how to drive, not to talk about the theory of it – you need to be in the driving seat and on the move.

Other reasons why you shouldn't choose a driving instructor on price alone include:

  • Some so-called 'special offers' have such tough terms and conditions attached to them that they turn out to be not such a good deal after all. Most '[lots of] hours for £[not much]' offers, for example, require you to take most of the cheap hours in the week of your driving test;
  • You almost certainly won't get free theory test training.
  • Your instructor might not be fully qualified (how to tell);
  • Your lessons might finish early and/or start late;
  • You might have to take the previous pupil home on a route that may not be suited to your ability;
  • You probably won't learn with an instructor who specialises in helping anxious drivers or those with special needs.

How we help nervous drivers

With driving lessons - as with most things in life - you get what you pay for.

Pay a bit more than the bottom price and you'll get a fully qualified instructor who is always on time, a nice modern car to learn to drive in and you'll never be asked to take someone home!

So while choosing the cheapest driving lessons you can find might seem like a good idea, learning to drive is a serious business and it's a mistake to try to do it on the cheap.

Don't ask “which driving school is the cheapest?” - look for the instructor with the best reviews and recommendations instead.

Cheap driving lessons could turn out to be a very expensive way to learn to drive!

How to save money on your driving lessons

  • Learn to drive with a friend. Share a driving lesson with a mate and you'll share the cost and have a lot of fun! More details here.
  • Take an intensive course. Learning is usually faster and takes less time. You could have your licence in weeks, not months and it will cost you less than taking weekly driving lessons. Find out more about our intensive courses.
  • Practice with a family member or friend. Practicing between lessons will cut down the number of hours you'll have to pay for. Get some cheap learner driver insurance and you'll need a lot less driving lessons.

    Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance

  • Take longer lessons. You'll learn more, learn faster, retain more learning and spend less money in the long run if you take longer lessons.
  • Pass your test first time! If you fail a driving test booking another one costs £62 (weekdays) or £75 (weekends). Plus there's the cost of more driving lessons and the damage to your self confidence. So it's really worth making sure your driving is up to the standard required before you take your test. Your driving instructor will probably give you mock tests to make sure there are no gaps in your knowledge and skills. Also, visit Ready to Pass? A great resource that contains really valuable advice.

How to pass your driving test

The ten most common ways people fail their driving test.


[1] DVSA, Cohort II: A Study of Learner and New Drivers Volume 1 – Main Report, P.52