Driving lesson and driving test nerves

How we help nervous drivers

Got driving lesson (or driving test) nerves?

Most people feel a bit anxious about learning to drive and we understand why you might be feeling a bit worried - driving a car on the road - for someone who has never done it before - is a scary prospect.

'Driving lesson (or driving test) nerves' is a very common condition but we have a number of different ways to help you.

As you can see from these reviews and testimonials, we have been helping nervous learner drivers get their driving licence for many years.

You’ll be smiling at the end of your first driving lesson and we'll help you manage any anxiety you might feel on the day of your driving test. That's a promise!

Don't worry - you'll feel safe and relaxed with us

Our main priority is to make sure you and everyone else stays safe while you're learning to drive. So don't worry. 'Accidents' can't happen.

Throughout your course of driving lessons you’ll be in a safe environment and you’ll progress at a pace that suits you. You’ll never feel out of your depth. Only when you feel that you are ready will you move on to the next level of your training.

Your driving lessons will focus on your strengths, we’ll work hard to build your confidence and you’ll soon be feeling calm, in control and you’ll enjoy being behind the wheel.

As well as expert help from a very experienced instructor, you can ask for our FREE eBook (How to beat driving test nerves & anxiety) that explains several tried and tested ways of making anxiety work for you - instead of against you - so that you become confident and relaxed before (and during) your driving test.

We will also help you learn simple techniques (such as mindfulness) that you can use to understand and control your emotions while you're in the car.

How to beat anxiety during your driving test.

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You'll feel calm and confident when you take your driving test

We'll also help you be your best when it comes to taking your driving test. Not only will you be 100% prepared and ready for the 'big day', we'll make sure you know how to beat driving test nerves so you can be relaxed and really impress the examiner.

Next steps...

So if you're thinking of taking driving lessons in the Scunthorpe, Brigg or Kirton Lindsey area and you're feeling a bit nervous, there's really only one way to learn - with the Broughton School of Motoring. Please get in touch to arrange your first driving lesson.

It won't be long before you can take the kids out for the day, go shopping, drive yourself to work and enjoy the freedom that comes with your very own driving licence 🙂

But even if you're not one of our customers and you feel anxious about learning to drive or you're worried about the driving test, you can send me an email and I'll try to help.