Driving lessons stop

Driving lessons and coronavirus

The effects of coronavirus (COVID-19) on driving lessons, theory tests and driving tests

The last driving lessons I delivered in Scunthorpe and Brigg (in common with nearly all the other driving instructors in the country) were on March 23rd. Since then, my car has stayed in my driveway gathering dust.

The only people driving instructors can teach at the moment are key workers who have a driving test booked. If you're a key worker, you can book your test here.

Everyone else has to wait until it's considered safe to share a car with someone other than a family member. Right now, it looks as though that will be sometime after July 4th.

Car theory tests have been postponed until June 1st at the earliest. You can still book a theory test though so if you haven't booked it yet, now is the time to do it. There's probably going to be a long waiting list when theory tests resume.

Driving tests (other than emergency driving tests for key workers) have been suspended. Some have been rearranged for late June but it's likely they will be postponed again, possibly until late July.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to help those great car driving skills you've developed stick (and even improve) while you're waiting to get back on the road.

What you can do if you were learning to drive pre-coronavirus

New learners

If you'd just started to learn to drive when driving lessons stopped, don't worry. You'll soon be able to pick up where you left off and while you might think you'll have forgotten everything, you'll be surprised - learning to drive is a bit like learning to ride a bike. You don't forget how to do it just because you haven't done it for a while.

While you're waiting to have some driving lessons again, you could practice with a family member (there's more about that a bit further down this article) or watch some YouTube videos.

These three are a good starting point:

I recommend you have a look at some of the other World of Driving videos. They're all up to date and accurate.

There is a really good Facebook page devoted to learning to drive. How to Pass Your Driving Test is well worth joining.

The theory test

If you haven't booked your theory test, do it now. Then get practicing.

The best way to practice is to use Theory Test Pro. All my students use it and most of them pass first time.

Theory Test Pro in partnership with Broughton School of Motoring

Test ready learners

For those unfortunate people who were about to take a driving test when we all had to stay at home, the situation is different.

You won't have forgotten how to drive over the last few weeks. But you will need to polish up a few things before you take your rearranged test. Your reversing manoeuvers, for example, or how to manage busy roundabouts could be a bit rusty.

Here are three things you can do while you're waiting to restart your driving lessons:

1. Practice with a family member - if you know someone who has held a licence for at least three years and is prepared to let you practice in their car, that's great!

You can practice anything but if you're going to practice reversing, keep in mind what the examiners are looking for:

  • Excellent observations
  • Good control of the car
  • Accuracy

In that order!

Getting the right insurance is vitally important. The good news is that it isn't expensive if you take out your own cover rather than add yourself to someone else's. Collingwood are very good, price wise, and if you visit their website via the banner below, you'll get a specially arranged discount.

Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance

2. Check out my driving lesson tips and watch videos like these:

3. Watching other people driving. If you go out with a parent or partner, watch how they manage roundabouts. Ask them to show you how to reverse into a bay. You could even pretend to be a driving instructor! Telling other people how to drive is a great way to test your knowledge and learn. And it's great fun 🙂

You'll soon be back on the road!

It might seem like ages since you've driven and you can't wait to get back behind the wheel again.

It won't be long.

Right now, there are more important things we need to do. We need to stay safe and help keep everyone else stay safe by not going out unless it's necessary. Driving lessons, theory tests and driving tests don't fall into that category.

Summary and learn to drive resources

If you've just started learning to drive or you were about to take your driving test before the coronavirus crisis, you can - and should - work on your driving skills by:

  1. Watching good YouTube videos;
  2. Joining this Facebook group;
  3. Booking your theory test;
  4. Practicing for your theory test with Theory Test Pro;
  5. Persuading a full licence holder to take you out for a drive and either watch them demonstrate or you be their driving instructor;
  6. Checking out my driving lesson tips.

I'd like to wish you good luck with your driving. If you have any questions, ask your driving instructor for advice or drop me an email.

Stay safe, be kind to each other.