Driving lesson in Scunthorpe and Brigg

The UK driving test – what to expect

The big day has arrived! It’s time to take your driving test.

You’re bound to feel a bit nervous before you start but that’s good – a bit of nerves will help you perform well. But it’s important not to become too worried. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t pass – you can have another go once you’ve had a bit more practice.

This article explains how to manage pre-test nerves.

On the day of your driving test you’ll meet the examiner who will ask you to sign a declaration that your car is insured. He or she will also ask you if you want anyone to go with you on your test. It’s entirely up to you.

Once you’re in the car, the pre-test briefing will go like this:

The test will last about 38 to 40 minutes and will include about 20 minutes of independent driving and various roads and traffic conditions. I will ask you to complete one manoeuvre and we may carry out an emergency stop. The sort of things you’ve been practising with your instructor or accompanying driver.”

There are 5 parts to the driving test:

By the way, the test is the same for both manual and automatic cars.