Sarah took an intensive course of driving lessons in Scunthorpe

Intensive driving courses in Scunthorpe and Brigg

Intensive driving courses in Scunthorpe and Brigg

*April 2024 - we are unable to take new bookings for intensive courses until further notice, sorry*

Amelia passed her driving test first time after taking an intensive course in Scunthorpe

The good news...

You don't need to wait months and months to get a driving licence. If you take an intensive course of driving lessons in Scunthorpe or Brigg with us you could pass your driving test and go home with a brand new driving license in just a few days.

Even if you've never had any lessons before you could even start one of our 'crash courses' on a Monday and be driving your own car, on your own, on Friday!

If you've just failed a driving test and want to give your skills a polish before your next test, one of our short intensive courses is probably just what you need. Driving test rescue courses.

Intensive driving courses - an overview

All of our intensive courses include your driving test and we'll book it for you.

🚘  First, you'll have an initial assessment. It costs £50. At the end of your assessment we'll work out how long a course you will need. The assessment also gives you a chance to drive the car you'll be learning in and meet your instructor.

Providing you have passed your theory test (as you probably know, you can't book a driving test until you pass your theory test) we can now book your driving test for you.

Next, we'll arrange the start date of your intensive course. Normally it's a week or two before your driving test.

🚘 Remember, we find early test dates! No waiting for months and months. Our fast track test booking system checks for test availability every five minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's really efficient and we can usually find early driving test dates where others can't. But if we can't find a test to coincide with the end of your course we'll book one for as soon we can and then try to bring it closer.

By the way, if you haven't passed your theory test yet we we'll sign you up for a free account with Theory Test Pro and give you all the help you need to pass it first time. Then we can get you on the road!

How many hours will I need?

Not everyone needs the same amount of lessons to pass their test so we create an intensive driving course just for you based on an initial assessment.

How are intensive courses structured?

Intensive driving courses are usually spread over one or two weeks. Our Gold Course, for example, could be spread over six days, e.g.:

  • Day 1-5: 9am to 3pm (with a break every 90 minutes or so);
  • Day 6: take your driving test.

The Silver course (20 hours) could be spread over four days with your test on the fifth day.

Or you could have one full day of lessons each week.

You choose the one that suits you best.

If you want a no obligation chat about your options, please call Steve Watson on 07840055462 or send us an email.

Prices - intensive driving courses

Our prices are fully inclusive. No hidden extras. The price you pay includes all your lessons, the cost of the driving test itself (£62) and the cost of hiring the car on the day of your test.

* Gold courses (40 hours) - ideal for confident beginners or for people who have had a few lessons, possibly some time ago.

* Gold+ courses (46 hours) - designed for beginners who may be a bit anxious or need (or would prefer) a bit of extra time to practice their driving skills.

* Silver courses (20 hours) are for people who have reached a reasonable standard of driving. You've probably had some driving lessons recently and you're reasonably competent at reversing, negotiating roundabouts etc. Or maybe you've failed a driving test in the not too distant past.

* Bronze courses (10 hours instruction and 2 hours on the day of your test) are for you if you're competent at all the reversing manoeuvers and are reasonably confident on fast roads and in town centres. You probably just need to polish up one or two things. Or perhaps you have just failed a driving test.

These are just examples. We'll agree on the length of course that you need following your initial assessment and we'll work out a price, tailor made just for you.

Bronze course

Gold course

Silver course

Gold+ course

12 hours

40 hours

20 hours

46 hours





For more information about intensive courses in the Scunthorpe area please call/text 07840 055462 or send us an email.

The Gold course syllabus

Hours 1-15 - After this initial stage, you will feel comfortable driving on quiet, low speed roads with light traffic. You'll know how to move away from the side of the road safely, use the mirrors when turning and be able to change gear. We'll also introduce some reversing manoeuvers.

  • Car controls
  • Driving away safely
  • Stopping safely
  • Starting on a hill
  • Roundabouts
  • Turning and use of mirrors

Hours 16-25 - By the end of this second stage, you'll be able to demonstrate good car control, be able to drive in medium traffic, be able to carry out all the reversing manoeuvers and negotiate complicated junctions and roundabouts.

  • T-junctions
  • Crossroads
  • Reversing
  • Bigger roundabouts
  • Meeting situations
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Town centre traffic systems

You will also be able to stop the car in an emergency.

Hours 26-38 - You'll now be focusing on the driving test itself. You'll spend time practicing difficult turns, junctions, using a sat nav, crossroads, busy roundabouts as well as becoming familiar with the road layout near to the test centre.

Hours 38-40 - Test day! Time to pass your driving test 🙂

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