Theory test signs

The ten ‘most difficult’ theory test questions

You can see some tricky theory test questions (and the answers) below.

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40% of learner drivers can't answer these theory test questions when they take their theory test!

  1. You are involved in a collision. What documents may the police ask you to produce?
  2. Name three situations where you may overtake another vehicle on the left?
  3. When can you drive or park in a cycle lane marked by a solid white line?
  4. How can you identify areas reserved for trams?
  5. You have broken down on a motorway. When you use the emergency telephone what information will you be asked?
  6. Where would you find reflective amber studs on a motorway?
  7. You are in a collision with another moving vehicle. Someone is injured and your vehicle is damaged. What four things should you find out?
  8. If your car has unbalanced wheels, what can this cause?

Two out of 5 learners can't identify these road signs!

End of parking restrictions
Two way street

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