Too much Viagra = no car tax?

An unnamed motorist pleaded to the DVLA that the reason he had neglected to renew his road tax disc was because he had overdosed on Viagra.

The driver claimed that his unwavering trouser tent prevented him from popping to the post office to re-tax his car, something that didn't wash with the DVLA, particularly as tax discs can now be renewed online.

The man was automatically issued a fine for expired tax when the car rang alarm bells on DVLA computers.

His far-fetched excuse is just one of many given to the DVLA for failing to renew car tax. "My mate said that if the cost of the tax is more than what the car's worth you haven't got to pay it," was amongst the top-ten silliest excuses unveiled by the vehicle licensing authority last week.

Another man blamed his plums, or rather picking them. Having fallen out of a tree, he stated that the two broken arms he had suffered as a result meant he couldn't fill out the required forms.

Another blamed a betting shop for luring him into placing a bet with the money meant for his tax disc.

Forgetfulness plays a part in a lot of motorists' excuses, with failing to recall where the car was parked, reminders on telephones not working and even ownership of a vehicle slipping the mind, all submitted as excuses.

Carolyn Williams, DVLA's head of digital services, said: "The vast majority of people tax their car on time but it amazes me to see the excuses people come up with. It's easier than ever before for people to tax their car and our digital services are designed to be used any time of day or night to fit in with people's lifestyles - so there really is no need for silly excuses."

Incredibly, many motorists also rely on that old schoolyard favourite of blaming the family pet, stating that their "dog ate the reminder".