Automatic driving lessons in Scunthorpe and Brigg

Automatic driving lessons in Scunthorpe and Brigg

Why learn to drive in an automatic car?

You can't stall an automatic car!

So if you choose automatic driving lessons there's no worrying about what will happen when you lift the clutch - because an automatic doesn’t have a clutch!

No need to worry about what gear you're in.

All that ‘hand on gearstick, off the gas, clutch down, change gear, clutch up, back on the gas’…and without taking your eyes off the road!? It’s no wonder so many learners struggle. Hill starts are a breeze - you can’t roll back. Biting point is a thing of the past!

You'll become a confident, safe driver more quickly - and pass your test sooner.

For new learner drivers, thinking about which gear to use and if the clutch should be up or down takes nearly all of their 'brain processing power'. Not having to think about gears will give you more time to control the speed of the car and to plan ahead. You'll become a better driver much more quickly if you learn to drive in an automatic.

All the benefits of automatic driving lessons

Taking driving lessons in an automatic car means:

  • More confidence - no stalling or rolling back;
  • Less stress - no clutch or gears to worry about;
  • You’ll learn faster - there’s less to learn and remember;
  • You’ll have more time to develop judgement of speed and steering;
  • You’ll need fewer lessons and save money.

Older learners, nervous drivers and people with special needs

Taking driving lessons in an automatic car is particularly suitable for older people (we have helped people aged 60+ pass their test) and those who have tried to learn to drive in a manual car but gave up because it made them nervous.

We have also helped disabled people and people with special needs get their driving licence in an automatic.

Sometimes automatic cars aren’t just an easier option. They could be the only option if if your reactions aren’t as fast as they used to be or if you struggle with the multi-tasking required to drive a car with a manual gearbox.

Weekly driving lessons in an automatic - prices

Why YOU should take driving lessons in an automatic

No matter who you are, learning to drive in a car with manual gears can be hard work. Why make life more difficult than it has to be? Go auto!

But, if you're determined to take driving lessons in a manual car, we offer driving lessons for beginners and driving assessments in our manual Ford Fiesta.

Please contact us for details.

We'll be back on the road soon! Stay safe 🤗