Pass your driving test first time

Are you ready to take your driving test?

Everybody wants to take their driving test as soon as they can. Driving lessons are expensive (up to £40 per hour) so it’s not surprising, especially in the current economic climate, that learner drivers want to take as few lessons as possible. And who wants to take the bus or keep asking for lifts a …

How to pass the theory test

Car theory test – top tips to help you pass

Essential reading and other resourcesHighway Code – download (pdf) Highway code – online version The official DVSA guide to driving: the essential skills Theory Test ProTop tipsRead the question….twice! Carefully read each Theory Test question and answer choices, and then read the question again to ensure you answer correctly! You get 57 minutes to complete …

Observations at junctions

The most common reason for failing a driving testFor many years, the number one reason for failing a driving test has been poor or inadequate obervations at junctions.1 All the most common reasons for failing a driving test – and how to avoid them! A junction is defined as any place where one road joins …

Roundabouts – a complete guide

This useful article (which includes videos) explains how learner drivers should approach roundabouts, which lane to be in and how to spot gaps in traffic.