Pass your test – first time!

Most people get a bit worried before they take their driving test.

What if I fail? Will the examiner be nice - or horrible? I don't like 'tests'!

It's perfecty natural to feel a bit nervous before you take your test (and a little bit of 'nerves' is actually a good thing, it helps you focus) but if you feel too anxious you won't be able to show the examiner what a good driver you are.

So driving test 'nerves' need to be controlled.

The best way to to be minimise test nerves is too be 100% ready to take your driving test. Too may people take their driving test before they can drive truely independently. If you still rely on your instructor to remind you what gear you need or how to position the car at roundabouts (or to tell you anything all all) you're not ready to take a driving test, you'll feel stressed and it probably won't go well - it's that simple.

But even if you ready to take your test you might still feel very nervous. The good news is, there is a lot you can do to feel more relaxed on the 'big day'. Here are a couple of tried and proven methods that will help you get that pass certificate - first time:

Don't think of it as a 'test' - the word 'test' generates negative feelings in most people. It conjures up the possibility of failing more than the (more likely outcome) of passing! Instead, think of it as a demonstration of your driving skills to someone who wants to turn to you at the end and say 'well done, you've passed'. The word 'test' shouldn't even come into it.

Visualise success - visualisation is a powerful tool. Professional sportsmen and women who imagine winning, imagine being handed the trophy often find that it comes true. Plus, they don't feel stressed. If you keep an image in your mind of the examiner handing you that pass certificate while you're driving, you'll probably find it comes true!

For more stress busting ideas, check out this free driving test nerves e-book.

There are more great resources (both free and some you have to pay for) on the NDP Store. Check it out!

We'll be back on the road soon! Stay safe 🤗