Short notice driving tests

s300_driving-examinerThere is usually a waiting list for driving tests – six or eight weeks is typical. You might have to wait even longer.

If you don’t want to wait that long this is what you have to do:

Book your test in the usual way via the government website.

Do not be tempted to use a third party to book your driving test  – they will charge you a commission that you don’t need to pay!

Check for earlier test dates regularly online ( or by telephone (0300 200 11 22).

People cancel tests and test centres sometimes add new slots to cope with demand. These short notice tests disappear quickly so you need to check as often as you can. The best times are early in the morning (08.01 if you’re doing it by telephone) and late at night.

You can use a third party to find you an earlier test date. They typically charge £30 and claim to be able to find you a test in a very short space of time. A Google search for ‘book short notice test’ will find dozens!

Are these companies reliable?  I haven’t heard anything bad about them but if you have the time to check as described above, you don’t really need to use them.