Too old to learn to drive?

Are you too old to learn to drive?

There are plenty of tricks you can teach an old dog: how to dribble on a sofa cushion, how to fart like an atomic bomb, how to ignore balls and chew orthopaedic slippers. But, as I nudge over The Big Three Oh (30), I do wonder if I’ve left if just a little late to get behind the wheel.

‘Generally, younger learners do tend to pick it up faster than older students,’ says Charlene Gilkes, a driving instructor based in London. ‘All you need to understand is that learning to drive is a process. If you have the determination, patience and a good instructor, anyone will be able to achieve obtaining a full UK licence.’

Does it get harder as you get older? ‘I would say that students who started later in life do tend to require more lessons,’ says Charlene. ‘Younger people are either still studying or it hasn’t been long since they were in education, so their brains are like sponges. Also, at times, the younger learner will have more passion or motivation to achieve it, to keep up with their peers.’

Older drivers are also, according to Steve at the Broughton School of Motoring in Lincolnshire, more risk-averse. And that’s good. ‘As you get older, you see the dangers. It means when you do get your license, you become a better driver,’ says Steve, reassuringly.

So, if you’re the wrong side of 17 and, like me, wondering if you’ve left it too late to learn to drive, take heart from this bit of advice from Steve: ‘Don’t put it off any longer. It’s better to get it out of the way when you can and it’s a great skill to have. Just remember it’s a process and may take longer than expected.However, you will get there in the end. Just be patient.’


  • if you’re not quite a teenager;
  • you’re a parent who wants to get a driving licence so you take your kids out for the day or go shopping;
  • you’re on your own and want more independence;
  • Or you’re just tired of waiting for buses!

We can help!

We’ll help you get all the skills you need to be a confident and safe driver and get that driving licence you want so much.

You’ll learn at your own speed, you’ll never feel out of your depth and you’ll enjoy your driving lessons 🙂

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With thanks to Nell Frizzell, Ask An Adult: Am I Too Old To Learn To Drive?, Grazia, 25/08/2015