Who are the Broughton School of Motoring?

Steve Watson, driving instructor
Steve Watson

The Broughton School of Motoring is run by me - Steve Watson - and I've been helping people become safe, confident drivers since 2011.

In that time hundreds of young (and not so young!) learner drivers have enjoyed their driving lessons with me and I'm pleased to say most of them passed their theory and driving tests first time.

Here's some photos of them with their pass certificates. You might know someone who passed their test with me. You can find out what they thought of their driving lessons on this website, on Facebook or on Google.

Steve is the man!

Lewis' review of his driving lessons in Scawby

If you want to learn to drive, Steve is the man to be with. He is super patient, explains what you need to do clearly and never puts you under pressure. He gave my confidence a big boost and I’m happy to say I passed first time with just one tiny little fault!

Lewis, Scawby

The best instructor, by far

100% recommend Steve. He’s patient and always calms you down. He talks through things step by step and is the best instructor I’ve had by far – so happy to have passed with only two minors. If you’re looking to pass your test first time, Steve is the man to be with.

Danielle, Kirton

How I help people learn to drive

You might be expecting to sit beside a driving instructor who takes full control of your learning. An instructor who tells you exactly what to do and why you need to do it. An instructor who decides on what you’re going to learn and how long you’re going to spend learning it. An instructor who teaches you using the methods they prefer to use.

You may well pass a driving test with that approach, but there is a down side to learning in this way - you may not feel totally equipped or prepared to drive on the roads by yourself once you pass. You may ‘forget’ what to do in certain situations or you may come up to situations you have never encountered on your lesson.

Instead, I'll encourage you to take control of your learning. I'll be there to provide structure to your lessons of course, but I'll help you to think about what you’d like to learn and maybe to even find out how long you would like to spend learning that skill or topic before moving on to something else.

You’ll be asked to think about situations that have developed on your lessons; to reflect upon and learn from situations, opportunities and mistakes (YES - mistakes are essential part of learning!). I'll help you learn using methods which work well for you this might include the use of visual aids, videos, demonstrations, or just more on-road practice.

I'll help you problem-solve for yourself so you're ready for when you’ve passed your test and are out on the road on your own.

Of course, if you prefer the traditional instructor-led way of being taught, then that’s fine. Just let me know. They’re your lessons and youre the customer!

If all this sounds good, you'd like to take your driving lessons with me and you want to pass your test fast...please call or text:

0784 00 55 462 or send me an email.

It won't be long before you get your driving license and the freedom that goes with it!