Driving lessons for beginners

Driving lessons for beginners

Enjoy your driving lessons with a patient, friendly instructor!

Driving lessons for beginners

Looking for professional, great value driving lessons for beginners in the Scunthorpe, Kirton Lindsey or Brigg area?

You've come to the right place - I've helped hundreds of people like you become safe, confident drivers and most of them passed their driving test first time. Check out our reviews.

I'll also help you pass your theory test and if you're feeling a bit nervous - about your driving lessons or your driving test - I can help with that, too.

From the start, your driving lessons will be enjoyable and stress-free and when it comes to the day of your test I'll make sure that you are totally prepared for anything you might be asked to do. It's going to be easy!

I also have a brilliant e-book that has lots of tried and proven methods to help you relax before the 'big day'. 

If you want to stop using crowded public transport, stop begging for lifts or just want to go where you want, when you want....book a driving lesson today!
Learn to drive with us and you'll also be able to track your progress through the syllabus with our cool Total Drive app. The app also sends you lesson reminders, shows you how much you've paid, includes lesson summaries and lots more!
I'm happy to give you a call to discuss your options or answer any questions you may have. Just text 'driving lessons' to 0784 0055 462 and I'll call you back or send me an email.
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How much will my driving lessons cost?

We'll get you off to a flying start with our beginner's offer: your first two hour driving lesson for just £40 (normally £55). After that, it depends on how long you want your lessons to be.

Most people choose to have 90 minute lessons that cost £43. All our prices are here.

Will I pass first time?

We can't guarantee that you'll pass first time but most of our customers only take a driving test once!

We'll help you acquire and develop all the skills you need to pass your test (hopefully, first time) but most importantly you'll be a safe, confident driver who is happy to drive anywhere, anytime.

No more buses!

Charlotte took driving lessons in Scunthorpe

Being able to drive has changed my life. No more buses and trains just to get to work and now I can take my daughter out for the day in my car! And go shopping! I’m going to miss my driving lessons.

Donna, Scunthorpe

You’ve changed my life!


My life hasn’t been the easiest and I really needed to pass my test. Steve is so encouraging. He pushes you to better yourself but always at your own pace. You’ll never feel uncomfortable or rushed or made to feel inadequate. I cannot fault him! Thank you Steve, you’ve changed my life.

Reanne, Scunthorpe

What will I do on my first lesson?

That's up to you.

Most people like to spend their first, two hour driving lesson, in a quiet residential street learning the basics - what the controls do and how to move off and stop.

But we're going to be guided by you. Not just on your first lesson but on every lesson. If you would prefer to start to learn to drive somewhere else, that's fine with us. On subsequent lessons we'll agree the subject in advance - we won't just tell you what you're going to do! How we teach people to drive.

What car will I be driving?

You'll be driving our our smart Ford Fiesta. It's super easy to drive - all our customers love it!

Our promises to you

  • We're reliable. We'll pick you up on time, your driving lessons won't finish early and we'll do our best to fit your lessons in around your other commitments.
  • During your driving lessons you’ll be in a safe environment and you’ll never feel out of your depth.
  • Every driving lesson will focus on your strengths and we’ll work hard to build your confidence.
  • You'll feel calm, in control and you'll enjoy being behind the wheel.
  • We’ll pick up and drop off anywhere in the Brigg and Scunthorpe area and we can find (and book) an early driving test date for you.
  • We’re going to make sure you pass your theory test and get your driving licence (and enjoy the freedom that goes with it) as quickly and with as little fuss as possible.

We now offer motorway tuition to our clients before they take their driving test - at no extra cost.

Free copy of the Highway Code!

If you've already had some driving lessons, if you want to change your current driving instructor, want to learn a new skill or just find out how close you are to test standard, please consider taking one of our popular driving assessments.