Driving lessons in Scunthorpe and Brigg – prices

I passed my driving test!

At the Broughton School of Motoring we offer great value driving lessons without compromising on quality.

We'll help you become a safe and confident driver in no time. And like these people, you'll probably pass both tests first time. Saving you lots of money!

Our promise to you:

  • We'll work really hard to make your driving lessons enjoyable and effective;
  • We'll pick you up from home or work and you can finish your lesson anywhere in the Scunthorpe or Brigg area;
  • We'll be very patient and never criticise;
  • If you're feeling a bit nervous we'll help you overcome your anxiety.

But don't just rely on my word for how good we are. Check out these reviews and testimonials.

The cost of our standard pay-as-you-go driving lessons, our popular beginners' offer and our in-depth driving assessments are below.

Please note that there is no extra charge for pre-test motorway driving lessons or theory test training.

Beginners FREE theory test training
£19 First two hour lesson
Bulk buy Great value
£135 For five hours
Driving lessons Per full hour
£29 Ninety minutes £43
Advanced driving Motorways, parking, anything!
£29 Per hour

To book a driving lesson, a driving assessment, an intensive course (or anything else!) please call or text
0784 0055 462 or send us an email.