Driving test rescue

We'll make sure you pass next time!

As you know, failing a driving test is not a pleasant experience.

There’s all the embarrassment of telling people. And if you fail more than once, you start to wonder if you’re ever going to pass. It’s not cheap either…

But you can stop beating yourself up…because it’s not your fault.

Unless you’ve haven’t covered the whole syllabus, (and that would be the fault of your driving instructor), you failed because you weren’t 100% ready and you weren’t sure that you would pass.

I will make certain that you are fully prepared for your next (and last) test and you’re feeling totally confident.

I’ll fix whatever problems you may have. You’ll be shown quick and easy ways to successfully complete manoeuvres without any help, simple ways to emerge safely at even the busiest of roundabouts, how to negotiate difficult junctions, meet vehicles safely and – just as importantly – I’ll put the fun back into driving!

In a very short period of time I will prove to you that you are ready to drive on your own and more than ready to pass the test. I can also help you overcome driving test nerves and suggest proven strategies that will make you feel relaxed and confident on the ‘big day’.

I have an excellent track record of helping people who thought they would NEVER pass their test get a driving licence.

Harriet passed with ZERO faults!

You’ll pass next time!

Call or send a text to 0784 0055 462 today and we’ll get you that driving license.