Intensive driving course in Scunthorpe

Intensive driving courses in Scunthorpe and Brigg

An intensive course of driving lessons in Scunthorpe or Brigg will allow you to pass your driving test and go home with a brand new driving license…in just a few days!

You could start an intensive course on your 17th birthday and be driving your own car a few weeks – not months – later.

Alternatively, you could take a semi-intensive course of driving lessons. If you have two or three lessons each week it won’t be long before you’re ready for your driving test.

Everybody starts from a different level of ability or experience so we’ll tailor your intensive driving course to you after an initial assessment that costs just £20 – refunded if you take any of our popular courses.

The prices below are fully inclusive. They include the cost of the driving test itself (£62) and the cost of hiring the car on the day of your test for two hours.

The twenty hour intensive driving course, for example, consists of eighteen hours instruction and the use of the driving school car for two hours on the day of the test.

Mollie took an intensive course of driving lessons and three days!



10 hours
  • Ideal if you’re near test standard or just failed a driving test
  • Short notice tests available
  • Includes the cost of your test – nothing extra to pay
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35 hours
  • For complete beginners, subject to an initial assessment.
  • Short notice tests available
  • Includes the cost of your test – nothing extra to pay
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The beginner’s package – 35 hours from novice to full licence holder!

Hours 1-15 – After this initial stage, you will feel comfortable driving on quiet, low speed roads with light traffic. You’ll know how to move away from the side of the road safely, use the mirrors when turning and be able to change gear. We’ll also introduce some reversing manoeuvers.

  • Car controls
  • Driving away safely
  • Stopping safely
  • Starting on a hill
  • Turning and use of mirrors

Hours 16-25 – By the end of this second stage, you’ll be able to demonstrate good car control, be able to drive in medium traffic and move off at junctions and roundabouts.

  • T-junctions
  • Crossroads
  • Roundabouts
  • Meeting situations
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Town centre traffic systems

You will also be competent at all the reversing manoeuvers and be able to stop the car in an emergency.

Hours 26-33 – You’ll now be focusing on the driving test itself. You’ll spend time practicing difficult turns, junctions, crossroads, busy roundabouts as well as becoming familiar with the road layout near to the test centre.

Hours 33-35 – Test day! Time to pass your driving test 🙂