Terms and conditions

Updated September 2021

Introduction: The following terms and conditions represent the basis upon which driving lessons and courses are offered to you by the Broughton School of Motoring.

If you take driving lessons with us, you are assumed to have accepted these terms and conditions in their entirety.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

If you are not entirely satisfied with the services we provide please tell me (Steve Watson) by call/text to 07840055462 or email to steve@broughtonschoolofmotoring.com. I want all my customers to be 100% happy!


  • 'you' and ‘pupil(s)’ means the person taking the course, ie you.
  • 'we', 'us' and ‘your instructor’ means the Broughton School of Motoring.

1. General conduct

Your instructor is bound by the DVSA code of conduct. He will be courteous, polite and behave in a professional and ethical manner.

Your instructor’s car will be well maintained, clean and tidy. The car is fitted with dual-controls.

2. Qualifications

Your instructor is licensed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to give driving tuition. He also has a current CRB and first aid qualification.

3. Driving license, eyesight and health

You must be of legal age to drive and produce a valid UK/Northern Ireland provisional Category B driving licence.  Your photocard (or old style paper licence) must be supplied before your first lesson.

For motorway, Pass Plus or refresher lessons a full valid licence must be produced.

You must meet the minimum eye test requirements, which means you must be able to read a standard UK approved number plate at a minimum distance of 20 metres (67 feet).  If you need to wear glasses or contact lenses in order to meet this requirement then by law you must wear them whenever you drive.

Pupils are reminded of the laws regarding alcohol and drugs, and should present themselves for a lesson in a fit state to drive. We reserve the right to cancel the lesson if we think the pupils judgement is impaired. In this instance, the full lesson fee will be payable.

3 (a) COVID-19

If you (or anyone you have been in contact with in the last seven days) have any of the symptoms of COVID-19 (a high temperature, cough, loss of taste/smell) you must inform your driving instructor.

You will be asked to confirm you are free of COVID-19 symptoms before you get into the car at the beginning of the lesson.

You will be asked to use hand sanitiser before you get into the car. If you refuse, the lesson will not go ahead but you will be charged.

You may wear a mask if you wish.

If your lesson is cancelled at short notice because of suspected COVID-19, you will not be charged but you cannot have another lesson for 14 days. If you are due to have a driving test in that period, it will not go ahead unless you have a negative COVID test.

All surfaces in the car that have been touched will be cleaned in-between lessons.

More details about how we will keep you safe, post lockdown.

4. Payments and cancellation

All payments for driving lessons can be made by bank transfer at least 24 hours before the lesson is due to start or by cash on the day.

We will do everything possible to ensure that your lessons start and finish on time, but we reserve the right to cancel, postpone or change lesson lengths and start/finish times under certain circumstances (e.g., dangerous weather conditions, traffic disruption). In the event of postponement any fees paid in advance will be carried forward.

We will cancel a lesson if it is suspected that the pupil may be unfit due to the effects of alcohol, drugs (prescribed or otherwise) or any other other factor that would cause his/her driving to be dangerous or illegal. In such circumstances the full lesson fee will be payable.

Block bookings and gift vouchers are valid for a period of six months.

4 (a) Weekly driving lessons

If you need to cancel a lesson at least 24 hours notice is required. If less than 24 hours notice is given for whatever reason – including sickness – you may be charged for the missed lesson other than in circumstances described in section 3(a), above.

4 (b) Intensive courses

Intensive courses must be paid for in full four weeks prior to the commencement date of the course.

The following cancellation charges apply:

  • 10% if the course is cancelled between 28 and 21 days of the course start date;
  • 25% of the course fee if the course is cancelled between 20 days and 14 days of the course start date;
  • 50% of the course fee is payable if you cancel less than 14 days before the course is due to start.

You can, however, postpone the start of your course for up to six months without incurring a cancellation charge.

If you start the course but cannot complete it you can finish it at a later date but your driving test will have to be cancelled.

IMPORTANT: Whilst every effort is made to get the pupil to the required level to take the driving test, if the pupil’s standard of driving falls below the required standard the pupil will not be allowed to take the test to protect the health and safety of the pupil, examiner and general public. The instructor’s decision in these matters is final. No refund will be made in these circumstances.

If the test has to be cancelled at short notice and the test fee cannot be recovered from the DVLA, the pupil will have to pay for any rearranged test.

5. Buddy lessons

Buddy lessons are two hours in length.

While every effort is made to give each person an equal amount of driving time, in practice this may not be possible.

If one person can't make it, the other person has a two hour driving lesson and pays the two hourly rate, currently £55.

6. Damage to the vehicle

During lessons, your instructor will make every effort to avoid damage to the car but during driving tests the examiner will not prevent you from hitting the kerb or causing other similar minor damage to the car. Therefore all damage caused by you whilst on test may be charged to you.

7. Driving Tests

7 (a) Bookings

Driving tests can be booked by you or by your instructor. Driving test bookings always take priority over other lessons. Therefore, your lesson may be postponed to allow for someone else’s driving test and vice-versa. Changes to lesson bookings as a result of this will be notified immediately. Test appointments must be notified to your instructor as soon as they are known, otherwise he cannot guarantee to provide a vehicle for the test.

7 (b) Use of Vehicle

Your driving instructor will ensure the test vehicle is fully roadworthy and complies with the legal requirements for taking driving tests. However, the instructor cannot be held responsible for vehicle failures that may occur during the test and is not liable for consequential loss.

In the interests of customer and public safety your instructor reserves the right to withhold the use of the driving school car for the test if, in their opinion, your driving is not up to test standard.

There is a minimum two hour charge for the use of our car during the test.

We do allow driving lessons to be conducted in the learners own car if required although the learner must be of a particular level of driving experience, the car must be fully insured, taxed and if appropriate have a valid MOT. These documents may be required to be shown to the driving instructor before the lesson commences.

7 (c) Test cancellation

Your instructor cannot be held responsible for any postponement or cancellation of tests by the DVLA. In that event, the two hour fee for hiring the car for the test is still payable. However, he or she will do all that is possible to arrange another test as quickly as possible and to help you to reclaim expenses from the DVSA.

8. Punctuality

If your instructor is going to be late for the lesson he will make every effort to inform you of the estimated time of arrival. If the delay is greater than 5 minutes this time will be credited and when possible the lesson will be extended by the time due – if this is not possible the extra time will be carried forward to the next suitable lesson or the payment due for the lesson may be reduced accordingly. If you are late for your lesson, then that time will be lost.

9. Learner comfort & safety

In the interests of comfort and safety learners are advised to wear suitable footwear and clothing which does not restrict movement.

Learners must also take note of any medication they are taking that may affect their ability to drive safely and advise their instructor accordingly.

10. Complaints procedureclick here.