How to beat driving test nerves

You may be able to drive well on lessons, but what happens when nerves get the better of you on your test?

You may be up to the required ‘physical’ standard to pass your test, but are you ‘mentally’ prepared?

The eBook below describes some of the techniques we will use to help you to banish driving test nerves and anxiety, help you to perform at your best on your driving test and to eliminate all negative thoughts of any previous tests that you may have failed.

Got a driving test coming up soon? Want to step up a level?

This amazing on-line course (I've tried it and it works) will really help you feel calm on your driving test!

It will also help you feel more confident at busy roundabouts, on hill starts with cars close behind you and lots more places.

Learn how to take control of your emotions using our unique techniques alongside your lessons! Find out more


With thanks to Diane Hall DVSA(ADI), TFT-Advanced, a driving instructor and therapist rolled into one, with over 16 years experience helping learners & driving instructors to combat those test day nerves.