How to emerge safely at closed junctions

This is a summary of what you have to do on the approach to a closed give way junction like the one shown in the photo below.

A closed give way junction

A closed give way junction

Hopefully, it will help you understand what to do with your feet and where to look 🙂

But don’t worry if it doesn’t make a lot of sense just yet. Ask your driving instructor to explain it when you have your next driving lesson. Then practice it!

Slow the car on approach to the junction by applying the brake gently and early.

When you’re one or two car lengths from the junction, the car should now be slow enough to engage first gear (hand on gear-stick, off gas/down with the clutch and select first gear).

You may have to keep braking (gently!!) while you’re changing to first gear.

If you feel that the car is going to stop before you reach the junction, ease off the brake a little.

At this point the clutch should still be down so that you roll towards the junction. You’ll only have to lift the clutch again if you stop too soon.

When you’re about a car length or two before the junction, you should start looking left and right to see if it’s safe to go. If you’re emerging left, you should also be steering left, following the line of the kerb.

While you’re looking, start lifting the clutch back to biting point. If it’s safe, foot off the brake, keep lifting the clutch, add a bit of gas and go!

If it isn’t safe to go, stop with the clutch fully down. When you want to go again, back towards biting point, foot off the brake, keep lifting the clutch, add some gas at the same time and go.

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