Judging gaps at roundabouts

driving lesson tips - judging gaps at roundaboutsJudging a safe moment to emerge onto a busy roundabout can be very difficult for someone who is learning to drive.

It takes experience and a degree of confidence to spot a gap and take your opportunity.

Over-thinking is common – ‘is that a gap?’…’I think it is’…’I should go’…too late! The gap has gone.

Safety, of course, is the number 1 priority and it’s much better to be a bit hesitant and stay safe than try to squeeze into tiny space in front of a 44 tonne lorry that’s coming from your right at 30mph!

Driving test examiners would rather you hesitated a bit than take any risk, no matter now small, but you should try not to hold up traffic behind you unnecessarily.

It often helps to stand at the side of a busy roundabout and watch the traffic for a few minutes. Try to work out where the cars are going. Ask yourself: is that car going straight on? Is that a safe gap?

The video below should also help but there is no substitute for experience – make sure your driving lessons include lots of roundabouts and you’ll soon be able to spot the gaps and go!