Parking, remedial driving lessons and advanced driving lessons

  • Do busy roundabouts and town centres make you anxious?
  • Do you avoid busy car parks?
  • Do urban motorways worry you?
  • Don’t feel safe driving at night or in poor weather conditions?

If this sounds like you – or someone you know – we can help!

At our first meeting, we’ll discuss what you want to improve, plan a course of action and then make you more confident (and happier) behind the wheel 🙂

We can improve anything – your parking, driving on dual carriageways, big roundabouts, town centre driving, driving in bad weather or at night…the list is virtually endless.

If we spot any bad driving habits (we all have them…) we’ll fix them too!

The price for this peace of mind is £29 for one hour, £55 for a two hour course or £108 for a half day course (four hours).

If heavy traffic, parking, roundabouts, driving in bad weather or on fast, busy roads makes you nervous an hour or two of friendly, sympathetic tuition will improve your driving and make you more relaxed behind the wheel!

To book a course or ask a question, please call or text Steve Watson on 0784 0055 462 or click here.

multi storey car park

Don’t like parking in places like this? Give Steve a call!