Roundabouts come in many sizes. They are circular junctions that are designed to allow traffic to keep moving, where possible, without necessarily having to stop, with all traffic travelling from right to left, clockwise. Basically, you should give way to traffic on the roundabout coming from your immediate right.

They’re not easy to deal with and most learner drivers find approaching and navigating roundabouts a bit intimidating.

Sometimes the mere sight of a roundabout in the distance can cause a learner to think the end of the world is coming….not a give way junction (which is all roundabouts are!)

Your driving instructor will give you all the help you need and I’m sure he or she will tell you that it’s really important to:

  • Approach roundabouts at the correct speed (not too fast, not too slowly), using MSPSL;
  • Get into the appropriate lane early;
  • Not just stare at the traffic coming from the right – scan all round the roundabout, not forgetting to spot your exit and make sure it’s clear.
  • Emerge promptly when it’s safe to do so.

In a nutshell, that’s it.

Of course, it does take a of practice to get it right. But if you think positively, relax and be methodical in your approach to roundabouts you’ll be ok.

The excellent video below was created by World Driving