Driving lesson vouchers are a great birthday or Christmas present!

driving lesson voucher

The more you care about someone, the harder it is to find them a special gift.

You’ll want to give them something personal, unique, exciting, and preferably something that lasts.

The solution is simple – driving lesson vouchers. A gift of freedom and skills that will last a lifetime.

You can buy a gift voucher in any amount – even £10 will help someone get on the road – but the most popular choices are:

Beginner’s voucher – a two hour driving lesson for £19.

The perfect present for any new driver! In their first two hour lesson, they will get to understand how to control the car using the clutch, brake and accelerator. We’ll move off and stop the car in a safe, controlled environment and make sure the whole experience is enjoyable 🙂

We can give a 17 year old their first lesson on their birthday but please book early to avoid disappointment.

Five hours of driving lessons – £130.

This is our most popular gift voucher. When combined with the beginner’s offer above it works out at about £21 per hour. Great value.

P.S. We can give a 17 year old their first lesson on their birthday but please book early to avoid disappointment.

A driving assessment – £20.

During this 90 minute assessment we’ll teach new skills, get rid of any bad habits and let you know how close you are to test standard. Ideal if you had driving lessons some time ago or are thinking of changing your driving instructor. More info here.

Intensive course of driving lessons – from £360

If the person you’re buying a gift voucher for wants to pass their test quickly, this is the one for you. Our intensive driving courses are great value. Please contact us or click here for more information.

Motorway driving – £90.

This three hour course will cover how to join and leave a motorway safely, what to do if your car breaks down, overtaking, lane discipline, how to enter, park up and leave a motorway service area and much more. It’s a great confidence booster for new drivers and any driver who is worried about driving on busy motorways. The course can be done is daylight or at night, whichever you prefer.

To buy a gift voucher, simply call or text 0784 0055 462 or fill in the form on this page and tell us how much you want to spend. Your voucher will be sent by first class post and you don’t even need to pay in advance!

Give a gift that will last a lifetime…

Driving lesson vouchers!