Learn to drive with a friend - and save money!

Take driving lessons with a friend

Our ‘buddy’ scheme works in the same way as normal driving lessons, but two people ‘lesson share’.

Instead of taking the full lessons as one-to-one tuition, two people share their lesson time, each spending half the time driving, and half the time observing their ‘buddy’s’ driving from the back seat.

You’ll be surprised how much you can speed up your own learning by watching someone else. And it’s great fun!

You and your friend split the cost between you.

Each person pays £35 for a two hour shared driving lesson.

Driving lessons shared = twice the fun!

So if you want to learn to drive and want some seriously cheap driving lessons to look forward to, find a friend who wants to start at the same time, give Steve a call or text on 0784 0055 462 (or send us an email) and you’ll both be passing your test in no time!

Driving lessons shared = twice the fun!