Driving test

Extended driving tests

A driver can have their driving licence disqualified if they are convicted of drink / drug driving or other driving offences that is necessary to result in a ban. A court can order that once the disqualification period has ended, that the individual must return to a provisional driving licence holder and go through the entire driving test process as a learner driver does. This also includes taking the theory test.

The theory test for a previously disqualified driver is the same as other learner drivers theory test although the extended driving test is much more challenging than the typical learner drivers test.

This section explains the extended driving test along with tips and information.

Extended driving test time

The typical learner practical learner driving test takes approximately 40 minutes. The extended driving test takes approximately 70 minutes.

Extended driving test cost

The current cost for extended practical driving test for cars is:

Weekday fee: £124.00
Saturday fee: £150.00

Extended driving test booking

Booking information of all driving tests including the theory test, normal learner practical driving test and the extended driving test is made via the DVSA website.

Extended driving test, how hard?

The extended driving test isn’t necessarily harder as such, you won’t be expected to do anything different than that of a normal driving test. The extended driving test simply lasts longer and you will be doing more, therefore there is a higher possibility of something going wrong.

You are at this stage a provisional driving licence holder and essentially a learner driver. The driving examiner will be assessing you as a learner and you still have up to 15 minors that you can gain before failing. As with the normal driving test, more than 3 minors in the same category will also fail a driving test.

How hard the extended driving test is also depends largely on where the driving test centre is located. There are 4 manoeuvres in total. These are:

A normal driving test will involve the examiner requesting 1 of these manoeuvres (occasionally 2 if time permits). The extended driving test may involve all 4 manoeuvres, although if the test centre you are taking the extended test from doesn’t have parking bays, or another DVSA test centre within appropriate driving distance does not have bay parking either, you will not have the bay parking manoeuvre requested.

Dual carriageway driving is heavily features during an extended driving test. If the test centre does not have dual carriageways in the vicinity, they will not feature on the extended driving test. However, many busy, high speed A roads will certainly feature.

The emergency stop having around a 1 in 3 chance of being requested during a normal learners test, is compulsory on the extended driving test.

How difficult the extended driving test is, can also be associated with where the driving test centre is based. For instance taking an extended test in London is likely to be more challenging than say, Cambridge. The traffic flow and style of driving in a large city such as London is often much faster and aggressive. Roads, junctions and roundabouts often have fast moving multiple lanes and the driving test pass rates reflect this.

Extended driving test courses

Although you will have had previous driving experience, it doesn’t take very long for most drivers to acquire bad habits. As you have previously been disqualified, the examiner will be keeping a keen eye to ensure that your driving is particularly safe. In particular, the examiner will be focusing on safe passing distances of cyclists, parked cars etc, excellent and appropriate observation, appropriate signalling and in good time, speed limits and to remain courteous to other road users.