Forward bay parking

This on-line driving lesson covers a forward bay park to the right and reverse out. If you want to use a bay on your left, simply change 'right' for 'left' in the article below.

Enable as wide turning radius (turning circle) as possible – this will make it easier for you to accurately enter the bay. To do this, use as much of the road as possible by moving over to the left as far as you can, avoid driving over bay markings or getting too close to parked vehicles.

Before you do this however, check your internal and left mirror to ensure it’s safe for moving over to the left.

You may need to show your intentions by signalling to the right. Before doing so, check your interior mirror followed by your right door mirror. A blind spot check is also required - there's a big gap between your car and the bay you're driving into. Someone could be driving into it!

Point of turn forward bay parkingYou will now reach your first reference point (see above).

When the first line of your chosen bay appears just under your right door mirror, slow or stop the car. Now take a final look into your interior and right mirror, followed by the right blind spot. If all clear, very slowly move off and immediately steer quickly to full right lock.

Creep in like a snail, using the clutch and brake together so you glide in gently.

As you enter the bay, straighten up your steering when your dashboard is in line with the horizon, or something else such as a hedge or fence.

In order to know where to stop, the next reference point is when the end bay kerb or line comes just under your door mirror.

Where to stop reference point forward bay parkingWhen the kerb reaches this point, you will be safely in the bay. Once there, select neutral and apply the handbrake.

Reversing Out

Next, you'll need to reverse out of the bay. You'll be asked to reverse out to the left or right but you can reverse straight out if you wish.

If you're going to steer while you're reversing, you'll need to be careful not to steer too soon or too much if there are vehicles parked in the bays next to you.

If there are vehicle next to you, steer straight out until you are sure the back of your vehicle is well past the front or rear of the vehicle parked next to you. At this point, turn your steering wheel half-turn left or right (depending on which direction you are reversing).

When you are confident that the front of your car is clear of the vehicle, quickly continue to full lock.

Try not to go into the bays behind you, even if they're empty.


With thanks to Driving Test Tips